Farrowing Portable Piggy Cabin

Hygienic environment Corrosion free building structure
Durable and long life span
High performance growth rates
Farrowing Piggy Cabin can facilitate crate numbers from 6 to 20 sow places
Rooms can be subdivided in the Piggy Cabin
Farrowing Combi – Cabin can also be fabricated to accommodate 22 to 40 sow places in the one air space.
Freedom Farrowing Pens also available in the Piggy Cabin.

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  • Insulated slurry tank as standard, slurry outlets positioned to suit your site
  • Prefab insulated panel walls with an insulated fibreglass roof with PVC ceiling
  • Galvanized farrowing crates, sow/piglet drinker bowl/nipple
  • Electric or Water heat pads with option of stainless steel or polymer concrete and size
  • PVC and cast iron slatted combination floors with stainless steel or fibreglass supports
  • PVC penning boarding and stainless steel fixations for penning layouts
  • Complete automatic ventilation control and failsafe system
  • Sprinkler system installed as standard.
  • Ad lib hoppers can be installed in the crates or a wet feed system pre-plumbed on circuit.