Fibreglass Roof Sheeting

Ideal solution when the choice of roofing or covering system depending on such intrinsic features as high strength and long durability.

It is perfect for new roofing, roofing restoration and over-roofing.

Opaque fibreglass sheets with a special polyester film that gives the sheet a surface armour ensuring high resistance to atmospheric abrasion and preventing the glass fibre from rising to the surface.





The material with an excellent quality-price ratio
Fibreglass is a thermosetting composite material made of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibres. The resin solidifies during the production process and the glass fibre reinforcement inside it has the purpose of absorbing and evenly distributing the mechanical stresses outside the compound. The excellent performances coupled with light weight are the result of a balanced relationship between the components of the polyester matrix and glass reinforcement.


The sheets are installed starting from the gutter to the ridge, overlapping one or two waves for at least 200 mm of the head (increasing to 250 mm for slopes below 10%). The hole for the screws should be made with a drill whose diameter is at least 2-3 mm larger than the screw in order to allow any thermal expansion. The sheets can be laid on steel/wood beams and block slab structures by employing the appropriate fixings. Make sure to use gaskets and washers large enough to cover the hole.