Weaner & Finisher Portable Piggy Cabin

Hygienic environment
Corrosion free building structure
Durable and long life span
High performance growth rates
Weaner or Finisher Piggy Cabin can facilitate your pig number requirements
Rooms can be subdivided in the Piggy Cabin
Weaner or Finisher Combi – Cabin can also be fabricated to accommodate a certain number of pig places in the one air space.

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  • Insulated slurry tank as standard, slurry outlets positioned to suit your site
  • Prefab insulated panel walls with an insulated fibreglass roof with PVC ceiling
  • Electric or Water heat pads with option of stainless steel or polymer concrete and size
  • Plastic combination floors with stainless steel or fibreglass supports
  • PVC penning boarding and stainless steel fixations for penning layouts, creep snugs available
  • Complete automatic ventilation control and failsafe system
  • Sprinkler system installed as standard.
  • Wet & Dry Feeders or Wet Feed troughs can be installed in the Piggy Cabin prior to delivery.