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Electric Hot/Cold Power Washers

Electric Single Phase Powerwasher TX 12/100


Heavy-duty mobile cold water power washer for professional and industrial use.

  • Single phase: 2.2kw/3hp
  • Pressure: 100bar/1500 p.s.i
  • Flow rate: 12 litres/2.7 gallons/minute
  • 240V power supply
  • Large integrated chemical tank
  • Industrial 3hp, 1450rpm low revving motor
  • Heavy-duty 3 piston pump with ceramic pistons
  • Current thermal overload protection
  • Motor protection to IP55 standard
  • By-pass valve
  • Tough plastic body and GRP plastic cover
  • Perfect for high-use, commercial cold powerwashing
  • Including 10 M high-pressure hose, single lance and gun


Electric Single Phase Powerwasher TX 12-100, a powerhouse in efficient and effective cleaning. This robust machine is driven by a single phase 2.2kw (3hp) motor, offering the perfect balance of power and energy efficiency. It generates a formidable pressure of 100bar (1500 p.s.i), making it ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks, from residential patios and vehicles to commercial equipment and outdoor surfaces.

The TX 12-100 boasts an impressive flow rate of 12 litres (2.7 gallons) per minute, ensuring quick and thorough cleaning performance. This combination of high pressure and optimal flow rate allows you to tackle dirt, grime, and tough stains with ease, reducing cleaning time and enhancing results. Designed with user convenience in mind, this powerwasher is compact, easy to manoeuvre, and simple to operate, making it a go-to choose for both professionals and homeowners. Whether you’re looking to maintain your property’s appearance or need a reliable tool for commercial cleaning tasks, the Electric Single Phase Powerwasher TX 12-100 offers the efficiency, power, and durability you need for any cleaning job.

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