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Midi Easy Drinker Bowl


The Midi Easy Drinker Bowl provides water to newly weaned piglets. Quickly introducing recently weaned pigs to the consumption of water increases feed consumption and improves their adaptation.


  • Smaller animals reach the water left in the bowl by the larger animals
  • Maximizes consumption while minimizing waste
  • Warm material that maximizes the number of animals that use it
  • Flow can be adjusted to the pressure of the installation to ensure that the animals are not frightened and do not get wet when the nipple is activated
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy for animals to reach
  • The bowl collects excess water
  • The upper flap prevents sows from urinating in the bowl
  • Nipple with a long push button to reduce the force required for the operation
  • Adjustable flow
  • Injected with highly resistant PVC
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