Supp-Milk Milk Replacer

Pigipro Milk is a milk replacer for rearing piglets. This
milk replacer contains skimmed milk powder. Pigipro Milk
can be fed in all different feeding systems. In bucket feeding,
automatic feeding systems and in ad-libitum systems. Pigipro
can be fed immediately after colostrum, starting the 2nd day
after birth. The change-over to this milk replacer can be done
immediately or gradually.
This milk substitute is very easy to dissolve in water. Pigipro Milk can be dissolved in warm water @
(45 – 50 °C).
Pigipro Milk is a product produced according to the spray-dried production system. Therefore the fat’s
particle size of this milk replacer is very small. It assures an outstanding solubility and digestibility.
Pigipro Milk means maximal growth and maximal security


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