Heating Air Source Heat Pumps

-Air source heat pump systems for heating your farrowing and grower rooms.

-Substantial savings-

-Constant water temp

-Minimal maintenance

-Increased yield

-Big savings €€€

-Long life

-Remove oil, lpg, heat lamps

-Quick payback

Experienced installers of air source heat pumps, Jetwash Ltd can design and

install a heat pump based system for your rearing or growing buildings.

A Link allows the performance of your Air Boiler heat pump to be monitored

remotely to ensure optimum performance all year round.

A review of the performance of your system can be remotely carried out and

make any automatic adjustments needed to ensure prime running.


Eco Air Boilers extract heat energy from the air and use it f or hot water and central heating systems.
An Eco Air Boiler heat pump offers a cost effective solution to carbon reduction, with simple installation and minimal disruption.

Eco Air Boilers offer a high performance hot water system with low carbon, renewable energy.

Offering savings of up to 60% of carbon emissions and 75-80% of heating bills.