Prefabricated Insulated Wall Panels

Used extensively for walling in the pig industry. The bonded panels are fabricated using a timber frame structure with a PVC sole plate, high quality GRP material inside and outside vacuum pressed to the insulation core.

The prefabricated panel has an excellent insulation value, very hygienic and easy to clean but most of all is very durable, versatile and robust for use in pig buildings. Panels can be made to suit building dimensions


Bonded GRP Insulated Panels

  • Green or Grey exterior colour with a high impact GRP White gloss interior finish
  • Agri Flex cladding can also be used on the exterior with stone dash finish
  • GRP panels can be made to a bespoke design with inlet, windows and door opening positioned to suit the building layout.
  • Panel Thickness: Standard 80mm – other sizes available upon request


  • Lightweight and fast to install resulting in lower construction costs
  • Energy efficient and durable
  • High quality finishes mean that panels are low maintenance and protected from rising damp and other weather related issues
  • High insulating properties


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