Premium S Series Slat 10mm Slit

S400 x 100mm 350kg
S300 x 600mm 350kg
S400 x 600mm 350kg
S400 x 600mm G 350 kg
S 500 x 600mm 350 kg
S500 x 100mm 350 kg
S500 x 100mm G 350kg
S600 x 200mm 350 kg


Nursery – This slat has been designed for a nursery and can be used up to the end of the prefattening stage.  It allows for high levels of cleanliness as well as stability for the animal.


Farrowing– With integrated hollows, this plastic panel gives a high level of stability for animals.  Sows can lie down without slipping or other related problems. , reducing danger to piglets and potential loss.  Rounded edges help prevent common shoulder or other injuries to the sow herself.


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