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Pig Farming Equipment

Portable Piggy Cabins

If you’re looking for a reliable way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for your pigs, consider Portable Piggy Cabin. This building structure is corrosion-free, meaning it can withstand harsh environments and has a long lifespan. It’s designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pigs, helping them achieve high-performance growth rates. Piggy Cabin can be easily subdivided to accommodate any number of weaner or finisher pigs you may have.

For even more flexibility, you may want to consider the Weaner or Finisher Combi-Cabin. These cabins can be custom fabricated to fit a specific number of pigs in one air space, giving you more control over your pig farming. With Piggy Cabin and the Combi-Cabin options, you can trust that your pigs will have the environment they need to thrive.

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Pig Penning

Jetwash International Ltd considers all aspects of pig farming, including flooring, pen design, water supply, and animal welfare. A good pen design enhances pig productivity and well being, as well as facilitates natural and social behaviour. The design also affects staff efficiency. The material used affects longevity, durability, and pig health. Easy to clean materials improve hygiene and reduce disease transmission.

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Pig Feeding & Watering Equipment

Jetwash International Ltd understands that water is the most important nutrient for pigs, we supply and install a wide range of automated drinking systems including drinking nipples and a selection of water bowls.

We are sales and support agents for WEDA computer-controlled liquid and dry feeding systems. These systems ensure optimum efficiency and profitability in pig production.

We specialise in the manufacturing and installation of pig feeding equipment. If you’re interested in specific items such as stainless steel feeders, troughs, or plastic feeders, please enquire with our experienced team.

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Roofing, Walling & Flooring

Jetwash International Ltd. can supply and install a wide variety of building materials. These include roof sheets, wall panelling, concrete, and plastic flooring, and other associated materials, for all agricultural sectors and farm buildings.

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Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are one of the most important factors in maintaining optimal living conditions for pigs by ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air. When a ventilation system operates efficiently, it not only promotes animal welfare and farm profitability but also enhances the working conditions for staff members. At Jetwash International Ltd, we offer and install a wide range of functional, simple, and economical fan and natural ventilation systems for the pig industry.

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Pig Toys

Our pig toys not only provide entertainment but also offer health benefits to your pigs. Studies show that they reduce aggression and stress, which can prevent tail biting and other behavior disorders. By incorporating our toys into your pig’s environment, you can ensure their physical and emotional well being.

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Weigh Scales

Jetwash International Ltd supplies a wide range of individual and multiple livestock weigh scale systems. Our scales can be manufactured in stainless steel, complete with either concrete or plastic slats. They are customizable in size to fit new installations or existing passageways. The scales come equipped with a digital reader and offer the option of USB recording.

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Carcass Trolly

The carcass trolly is designed especially for transporting fallen animals such as sows, fattening pigs, and calves. Fully electrical carcass trolly has all the accessories to make your work easier. The model has an electric winch to make light work of lifting. The winch has a pulling power of 350 kg. Two electric powered drive wheels with pneumatic tires in the middle. Two small casters on the front.

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Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

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