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Hardware Store

We offer a diverse selection of hardware, plumbing, and electrical products, as well as a wide range of plumbing systems, DIY tools, farming products, and more to customers in Ireland and beyond. We are authorised agents for suppliers such as Grundfos, Saer, and Xylem pumps.

Fasteners & Fixings

At Jetwash International Ltd, we offer a wide range of high-quality fasteners and fixing goods. Our products are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various working zones. Whether you need screws, nuts, bolts, or any other type of fasteners or fixings, we have them all.

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Water Pumps

Jetwash International Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of water pump solutions suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Our range includes self-priming and multistage pumps, submersible pumps designed for drainage, sewage, wells, or borehole applications, and more. In addition to our extensive pump selection, we also stock a wide range of pressure vessels, pressure switches, press controls, and inverter controls.

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Plumbing Supplies

Jetwash International Ltd is the perfect destination for all your plumbing needs. We offer a wide range of plumbing supplies and parts to cater to your repair and replacement requirements, whether it’s at your home, farm, or any other location. Our inventory includes everything from the smallest screws and pipes to custom faucet parts, ensuring that you never have to look elsewhere for what you need.

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Jetwash International Ltd supplies a wide range of single and three phase motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. These motors are suitable for both Auger Systems and Deep Well Pumps. Single phase electric motors (230V) and three phase electric motors (380V) are commonly used in industrial and agricultural production, commercial and household appliances, and other fields such as compressors, hoists/winches, fans, pulley drives, and pump drives.

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PVC Piping & Fittings

We offer a diverse range of PVC fittings and piping solutions suitable for numerous applications. Our selection includes everything from standard PVC pipes to unique and specialty fittings.

We can supply and install wet feed lines, sprinkler, and fogging systems complete with the necessary PVC pipework, fittings, and mounting brackets. We also supply slurry management systems for piping from one tank to another or sluice pipework networks under a concrete slurry tank. Pipe work for agitating tanks can also be installed.

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Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

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