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Power washers, Pumps & Accessories

Choose from a wide range of electric, petrol, or diesel pressure washers for domestic, agriculture or professional use. Our machines remove dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces, including driveways, patios, and vehicles. Our easy-to-use pressure washers deliver powerful cleaning performance and are low maintenance. Find the perfect machine for your needs today.

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Petrol / Diesel Power Washers

Jetwash International Ltd is a provider of diesel and petrol power washers. A petrol/diesel power washer is a robust and portable cleaning solution that relies on petrol or diesel fuel to generate high-pressure water for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

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Electric Hot / Cold Power Washers

Jetwash International Ltd is a provider of both hot and cold power washers. Cold power washers are effective at eliminating accumulations of dirt, scale, and mud. On the other hand, hot power washers have the unique capability of removing oil-based surface contaminants, expanding the range of cleaning possibilities.

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PTO Power Washers

Discover our range of ┬áPTO (Power Take-Off) power washers, designed specifically for farming and agricultural chores. These machines use the power from your tractor or any other farming equipment to operate, providing a high-pressure water jet ideal for cleaning. Whether you’re washing your machinery or clearing out your barn, our PTO power washers will get the job done with ease and efficiency. With top-notch performance and durability, they’re the perfect solution for your farm’s maintenance needs.

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Accessories & Spare Parts

Jetwash International Ltd supplies a wide range of parts and accessories for power washers. These include pressure washer guns, lances, nozzles, hoses, brushes, flat surface cleaners, and more.

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Jetwash International Ltd offers a variety of replacement pumps compatible with most power washers.

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Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

Engineering & Agricultural Equipment Specialists

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